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The new version of the C920 camera rework kit. It enables the use of C and CS-mount lenses with a consumer-grade USB webcam.Key changes mk1 vs mk2:USB MINI was replaced with a USB-C connector with lock screwsEasier to assemblySmallerCompatible with Arca Swiss plateDoes not have integrated Tripod mou..
Rework kit mk2 for Logitech BRIO 4K Pro web camera. It allows using full advantage of CS-mount or C-mount lenses and filters.Included partsHex keysM2x20x83M1.5x17x75ScrewsDIN912 M1.6×4 – 6 pcs (for PCB mounting)DIN912 M2x3 – 2 pcs (for microphones)DIN912 M2.5×8 – 4 pcs (for enclosure)DIN912 M2...
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